Ocean City Maryland Fishing Charter

Deep Sea Fishing

The Ocean City Maryland Fishing Charter is for our Guests that want an adventure on the Big Water looking for a chance to land a fish of a lifetime. The L & T at 28 feet with twin 200 hp engines is a solid offshore platform. The Captain monitors the weather/wind & wave/swell forecast for safety and comfort. Typically, the decision to confirm a trip happens with-in 48 hours and the final Go No Go decision will be made at the dock. On this trip, our Guests are expected to actively participate in helping the Captain. You will be instructed how to set the lines in the water, keep lines clear of debris and retrieve lines when we are fighting a fish. When the fishing is hot, you will have earned every fish landed and put on ice.

Cost is $2,000 per charter for Deep Sea Fishing - May 1st to October 31st

  • Final Payment by check or cash at the dock prior to launching as that is when the final Go – No Go decision is made by the Captain based upon the weather conditions at the dock and the forecast for the rest of the day

How many guests?

  • 4 Guest maximum for Offshore Fishing

What is included?

  • All Fishing Equipment – Rods, Reels, Lures, Tackle & Bait
  • Fishing Licenses
  • Life Safety Equipment as required by the US Coast Guard
  • EPIRB (SOS/Mayday Satellite Radio Beacon Locator)
  • Garmin InReach (SOS/Mayday Satellite Radio Beacon Locator) Plus it has limited text messaging to my on land back up contact to update any changes to the Float Plan
  • 6 person life raft
  • Boat tow insurance


  • Fish cleaning and bagging services

How long can you expect to be on the water?

  • Each charter is approximately 7 to 10 hours dock to dock

What can you expect to catch?

  • Tunas, mahi, false albacore, white marlin & the occasional shark

Location - Where do we meet?

  • West Ocean City MD Commercial Harbor on Sunset Avenue.


  • Take bridge Rt. 50 (Ocean Gateway) East toward Ocean City. Before the Rt 50 look for and Turn Right onto Golf Course Road. Stay on Golf Course until you get the intersection of Golf Course Road & Sunset Avenue. Turn left onto Sunset Avenue and the parking lot is on your right.

Parking is Free

  • Warning - Do not park in any reserved/restricted parking space. Please park in the unmarked spots for single vehicles.

Meeting time

  • Meet at the parking lot 45 minutes before sunrise. The Captain will put the boat in the water when my Guest are ready at the ramp to board the boat. The Captain likes to be able to see the water and wave conditions going through the inlet. Don’t worry we will not miss the bite because with the right sea conditions we can travel at 35+ MPH

What to bring? The L & T is an open deck (center console) boat. Be prepared if the weather/wind changes during the course of the day

  • Your cooler filled with food & beverage
  • Foul Weather Gear (waterproof jacket & pants)
  • Sunscreen, hats, gloves for handling leader or for long battles reeling in a fish, a towel and good deck shoes.
  • Extra cooler for your catch

We use a mix of Shimano TLD (30 & 50) Reels all spooled with 80lb test braided line with 100 yards of Momoi Topshot. We use this equipment for both trolling and chunking.  When trolling we typically set up 7 rods using a mix of Artificial Baits (Spreader Bars, Squid Daisy Chains, Birds, Flippy Floppies) and Ballyhoo rigged on Chutes or just naked on the hook. When chunking our lines will be set at different depths with live or cut bait on circle hooks. Depending upon the bite we will either drop anchor or drift while making a chum/chunk slick. If the bite is on we will be busy working hard to clear lines and be prepared to handle the leader to put the fish in position to be gaffed. If we are lucky and run into structure holding Mahi we will switch over to mix of lighter spinning and conventional reels and lighter tackle to drift baits into the structure. From past experiences when the fishing is hot you will be busy and tired at the end of the day.