Meet Captain Murray deMuth

Owner, Operator & Sole Member of TWT Fishing Charters, LLC

TWT Fishing Charters Big Fish Caught on the Chesapeake Bay


Why the name TWT (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) Fishing Charters LLC? Based upon my 17 years of experience working on the Chesapeake Bay, those are typically “The Best” days to be on the water due to the least amount of boat traffic and less noise to disrupt, upset and scatter the fish which typically means better fishing. The Captain will consider Monday and/or Friday trips depending upon the time of year and recent fishing reports.

The L&T will run only 1 Charter a day to maximize your opportunity to relax & refresh while you are immersed in the scenery of the Land of Pleasant Living and to focus on having a great experience for that day.



Captain Murray started fishing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay at age 5 and never stopped.  As an avid recreational angler he learned by doing and practicing the techniques of light tackle jigging, live lining and trolling for Rockfish. This passion lead to an opportunity to work on 2 Charter Boats as 1st Mate for over 10 years. The hard work paid off learning the subtle patterns and fishing techniques to catch the fish that visit the Chesapeake Bay. His passion continues to grow and the last 4 years Captain Murray spent plenty of time learning to catch fish offshore. Basically the techniques and strategies are very similar to how you fish the Chesapeake Bay but requires specialized equipment designed to withstand the fight of big game fish Captain Murray brings a wealth of fishing experience to give you the best chance to have a successful day on the water.

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