Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter

Welcome to our exclusive Chesapeake Bay Charter trip, an unforgettable experience. We reinvent Charter Boat Adventures by offering thrill and unmatched service. Start becoming fascinated the minute you board.

We gladly unveil our boat, a cutting-edge watercraft of unparalleled technology and performance. We’ve harnessed ingenuity to take you on a journey beyond expectations with two 200-horsepower engines. Our speed allows us to traverse wide stretches of water and place our guests where the fish are most prevalent, outpacing conventional Charter Boats.

From the minute you embark, we’ve enhanced Charter Boat adventures. The roar of strong engines, the rush of wind in your hair, and the anticipation of what’s next set the tone for an exciting day. Our trip brings us farther, quicker, and deeper as we negotiate the rivers with accuracy and experience.

It’s about the complete experience, not just the fish. Our experienced crew knows the seas and loves making you feel like a guest and a valued part of our trip. The companionship, tales, and love of the sea that unites us will embrace you as you cast your line and wait for the thrill.

Welcome to a Charter adventure that’s more than a trip. A commitment to defying standards, embracing the unexpected, and providing an extraordinary day on the sea. Prepare for an excursion that will change your view of Charter Boats.

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter Prices

Cost is $600 per charter for Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing Guide (Kentmorr Marina) - May 1st through October 31st

Cost is $700 per charter for Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing Guide (Tangier Sound) - All Year

Cost is $800 per charter for Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing Guide (Cape Charles/Bay Bridge Tunnel) - All Year

Final Payment

  • Final payment by check or cash at the dock prior to launching as that is when the final Go – No Go decision is made by the Captain based upon the weather conditions at the dock and the forecast for the rest of the day

How many guests?

  • 4 Guest maximum per Charter Fishing Trip

What is included?

  • All fishing equipment – rods, reels, lures, tackle & bait
  • Fishing licenses
  • Fish cleaning services and baggies for your catch
  • Life safety equipment as required by the US Coast Guard

How long Can you expect to be on the water?

  • Each charter is approximately 7 hours dock to dock

Where and What Can you Expect to Catch?

  • Northern Bay (above the Bay Bridge to Susquehanna Flats) – rockfish, catfish, perch, spot, bluefish & spanish mackerel
  • Middle Bay (Choptank River to Bay Bridge) – rockfish, perch, spot, bluefish & spanish mackerel
  • Lower Maryland Bay (Potomac River to Choptank River) – rockfish, speckled trout, weakfish, red drum, cobia, perch, spot, bluefish & spanish mackerel
  • Virginia Portion of the Chesapeake Bay – rockfish, speckled trout, weakfish, red drum, cobia, sharks, perch & spot


  • Captain and Guest will agree where to meet based upon what our guest want to catch and how far our guest are willing to travel

Meeting time

  • Captain will recommend a time to meet based upon updated catch reports and tide charts

What to bring? The L & T is an open deck (center console) boat. Be prepared if the weather/wind changes during the course of the day

  • Your cooler filled with food & beverage
  • Good set of Foul Weather Gear (waterproof jacket & pants)
  • Sunscreen, hats, hand towel(s) and good deck shoes
  • Extra cooler for your catch

We provide our Guest with “Top of the line Equipment” specifically matched to what we are fishing for and where. For Light Tackle Fishing we use St. Croix Rods paired with Shimano Spinning Reels spooled with 20lb test braided line with a fluorocarbon leader. Expect to use the techniques of jigging lures (artificial baits) or cut bait or live lining spot, perch or eels. I want my Guest to feel the subtle strike of the fish along with the head shakes and the tug of war with the final reward of winning the battle to land the fish.

For the bigger fish (red drum and cobia) we are well equipped with a combination of conventional reels and heavy duty spinning reels spooled with 80lbs test braided line. We do not plan to lose a fish on the line.