Fishing Charter Services

TWT Fishing Charters will run only 1 charter service a day to maximize your opportunity to relax & refresh while you are immersed in the scenery of the Land of Pleasant Living and to focus on your experience for that day. Plan on each trip to take about 7 hours. The Captain and Guest will discuss and agree on particulars of the charter experience.

Unfortunately, there are some days the fish don’t want to feed. If this happens and the sea conditions allow it, we will take the L&T for a ride while enjoying food and beverage to sight see some of the hidden gems of the Bay, its rivers and tributaries. Depending upon where we are and the time of day we might be able to visit the behind the scenes inner workings of the bay at a soft shell crab shedding tank or even a crab picking house. Bring some cash in case they are open to purchase and taste the rewards of their work.

what is provided

What to Bring

where we go

Based upon our Guests requirements for their charter we will move the L&T to where the fish are which means more fishing time for my Guests. We fish anywhere from the Susquehanna Flats to the Upper Bay (North of the Bay Bridge) to the Mid Bay, Eastern Bay, Tilghman Island/Deale MD area to the Lower Maryland Bay, Choptank River and points south including Tangier Sound to the Potomac River or even to the Virginia waters of the Bay including the mouth of the Bay at Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. Inshore and Nearshore fishing will be out of Ocean City, MD. Captain and Guest will discuss and agree when and where to fish

when we go

Weather permitting, TWT will fish year round – including January, February & March. We are committed to working hard to find and catch fish. What do we catch? The answer depends on the Season:


Please contact us with any questions.  We want your charter experience to be fun, exciting and relaxing, but we still have to list the necessary disclaimers.